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FAWN |fôn| (n): a young deer

My mom is a true + talented crafter (she made me Disney princess costumes for Halloween for heaven's sake). She built a successful business in the SoCal wedding industry, and was well known + loved.

My dad is not only MacGyver-style resourceful, but has the penmanship of an architect, and was always drawing with + for me, for as long as I can remember. My dad's family name is Deer.

When I set out to start Fawn Lettering, I knew that I owed so much of who I was + the talents I had embraced to my family, so I chose a moniker to honor that legacy, hence Fawn.

the one holding the pen

Why, hello! You may be wondering how I became a hand lettering artist. Funny story...



A year later, we decided to send Ian back to school paying cash, and by the grace of God, Fawn Lettering has thrived and met all our needs. It has been an incredible journey of entrepreneurship, personal + professional growth.

As challenging as these past few years have been, I love where I find myself today. Standing upon the support and love of my friends, family, and colleagues, humbled by the beauty of the art others are passionately bringing to the world, yet confident because I have chosen to receive a gift which was made just for me.


My name is Alyssa, and I am a hand letterer + modern calligrapher, lover of beauty + life + Jesus, encourager, teacher, artist. So nice to meet you.

In 2014, my husband Ian - who had apparently caught on to my creative tendencies - gave me a calligraphy kit for my birthday.

Feeling pressured to at least give the thing a try, I made my first attempts at pointed nib calligraphy in spare moments in my Los Angeles studio apartment. With time, what I thought was just a hobby became one of my favorite creative expressions.

In early 2017, after a successful period full of exciting commissions + wedding calligraphy, I stepped out in faith, leaving the security of the corporate world that I had built my life upon.  




Many people ask what makes hand lettering so special. Here's how I see it:


Modern technology does an impressive job of imitating hand lettering, but the artist is able to bring expression to their work like no machine could.

It is carefully constructed, letter by letter, to create a look + feel like someone actually loved those letters to life.


Miles of ink must be laid down on the journey to become a hand lettering artist. With time + patience + a pioneering spirit, we have crafted our own signature styles.

Countless iterations have resulted in what we believe will convey a sense of wonder + beauty like only art can.